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Company Profile

Exchange Ambulance of the Islips is an East Islip based volunteer non-profit service consisting of approximately 100 members.  We service the towns of: East Islip, Islip, Islip Terrace, and Great River.  We also provide medical transportation for the residents of Fire Island via the Suffolk County Police Marine Bureau.  Our department provides 911 Emergency Medical Services to our community through Suffolk County Medical Communications Dispatch.  We also provide stand-by services and bike patrols throughout our district for large events.  In addition to answering calls in our own district we occasionally assist other ambulance companies and fire departments with mutual aid in their districts.

 Our membership includes Doctors, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians - Critical Care, and Emergency Medical Technicians - Basic.  There are also members in our department which include committee members, drivers, and probationary members.  In addition to these members we also have a Youth Squad program, which gets kids ages 13 to 18 involved in Emergency Medical Services.  Besides participating in local and statewide EMS competitions, they can also dispatch at age 14 and ride the ambulance as observers at age 16.

 Our district stretches from Connetquout Avenue in Great River to Saxon Avenue in Islip and from the South Shore to Spur Drive on the north end (with some exceptions).

Approximate Map: